Get to know the talented individuals behind Talentology, who work tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service.



President & Agency Director

Nikki is the President and Agency Director of Talentology, which she founded Talentology in 2016 with a vision of creating a platform for talented people to thrive and ensure that clients thrive with talented people. 

She built Talentology on a robust foundation in Human Resources, media and event production, hospitality, education, linguistics and training, and now Talentology is a speakers bureau and talent agency poised to become an extension of any business through Human Resources and business solutions seeking to optimize systems, maximize efficiency and add capacity.


Professional Learning & Curriculum Lead

Stephanie is our Professional Learning and Curriculum Lead, merging education, expertise, experience and a love of lifelong learning. She breathes life and energy into teaching, learning and professional development for everyone from children and young adults to workers newly entering the workforce, emerging leaders and highly-experienced executives.

Behind her formal education, professional educator credentials, and undergraduate and graduate degrees is her genuine passion for connecting with people and connecting people with learning through engaging experiences. #WINNING!


Data Analyst

As our self-named “Data Geek“, Kristin leads our clients’ insights into all things data – its strength, how we get it and how we analyze it. She thrives on delivering high-quality, actionable data that goes beyond the comments and the numbers that lead to it.

That’s why we can deliver such amazing results — from conceptualization and design to analysis and report — and remain focused on insight from start to finish.

A scientist? Yeah, we’ve got that!


Executive Administrative Assistant

Lovelyn rounds out our team as an integral supporting player on the front lines and behind the scenes, ensuring our processes flow smoothly and efficiently. She seamlessly blends administrative prowess with strategic insight. She navigates complex challenges with grace and precision and an unyielding dedication to excellence, meticulously attending to every detail

Lovelyn’s unwavering commitment to driving growth and fostering fruitful relationships is the cornerstone of our success.

A proactive, analytical, and confident powerhouse!


Client Operations Coordinator

With almost a decade of experience in operations support, Anna Tran is a true asset to Talentology. As our Client Operations Coordinator, she is responsible for coordinating workflows, connecting with clients, and refining processes, all with a focus on providing exceptional service to our clients.


Media Specialist

Joshua is a two-time Emmy Award-winning photographer with 10 years of experience in media. Throughout his career, he has been on the front lines, storytelling and delivering information to the public.

As a two-time Emmy Award-winning photographer with 10 years of experience in media, Joshua brings a wealth of expertise to Talentology. His creative guidance, passion for storytelling, and attention to detail make him a standout team member. Joshua’s tech skills are unmatched, and his commitment to ensuring that “Your Production is Our Priority” has helped our clients achieve their goals. 


Media Training Lead

Ayesha is the epitome of poise and professional presentation. She leads our media training, supporting clients with media relations and polished communication. Her natural ease on camera, technical skills behind the scenes, and genuine love for all things media relations rounds out her more-than-13-years of experience. Media mastermind? Yeah, we’ve got that covered!