5 Tips And Activities For Team Building In The Virtual Workplace

Virtual and remote workplace environments are becoming increasingly popular among companies all over the globe, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re looking for an effective way to bring your virtual team together and boost workplace morale, then these team building tips are for you.

1. Have A Coffee Break

An easy and effective way to catch up with your team is to schedule a quick video chat, weekly or even daily, where your team can converse over a cup of coffee. Everyone can be in the comfort of their own home (or local coffee shop) and have a conversation. Whether you’re talking about work, or having fun on another topic, it’ll be just like you’re at the office having a great chat.

2. Picture Sharing

Looking for something fun that isn’t a long problem solving challenge? Picture sharing can be a great way to bond a team and help everyone get to know more about each other. You can do this at the beginning of a meeting to break the ice or perform the activity on its own when your team needs a boost. SImply ask each team member to share a picture that means something to them and watch as meaningful conversations are created as your team becomes closer.

3. A ‘Water Cooler’ Slack Channel

Does your team use Slack or a similar platform to communicate? Start up a ‘Water Cooler’ channel that is dedicated to random conversations, sharing, and starting conversations. Your team can use it to build rapport, improve communication amongst themselves, and form a deeper bond on their own time.

4. Simulate A Problem, Find A Solution

This one is a bit more engaging and focuses on your team using each other’s skills and expertise to solve a problem. First, come up with a tricky and interesting problem related to your team’s role. Then, have a few core questions to ask your team related to solving the problem, and see how they work together to find a solution. This is great for building decision making skills, thinking outside the box, and even preparing for a potential future problem!

5. Host A Team Movie Night

This activity is a great way to get your team together for non-work related purposes where they can relax and open up more. You can have your team vote on which movie they’d like to watch most, then stream it through a video conference. Add a chatbox to the stream and watch your team have a great time watching, messaging, and enjoying their movie night!

Team building in a remote workplace doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it should be fun! This list of team building tips and activities is aimed at regaining the social and personal aspect of working together that is present during face-to-face contact. Try one or all of them out and watch your team’s motivation, collaboration, and efficiency improve!

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