Physical Distancing Doesn’t Have to Mean Social Distance

How to Keep Your Teams Connected While Apart

Our socially and physically distanced world has proved that remote work environments are convenient and work well. However, it can be a bit of a challenge to keep your team’s morale and motivation high when everyone is working away from each other. A great way to keep your team working effectively is to provide some great entertainment while staying physically distant.

One way to keep your team entertained and have some fun is to host a virtual work out. This can be a fun way to get your team away from their desk, do something great for their health, and bring them all together in one environment. Simply prepare an easy and effective at home workout that doesn’t need any special equipment and host it through a video chat. Your team will have a great time pushing themselves and being together while doing something non work related.

Another method for entertaining your team when working remotely is to go to a concert. Yes, you read that correctly: a concert! There are plenty of live bands hosting virtual concerts nowadays. This option may cost a bit of money, and you can pay for your teams virtual tickets (which are usually much cheaper than physical tickets) or ask each team member to chip in. You can then stream the concert and have loads of fun listening to great music with your team.

Entertaining your team during the pandemic can also be as simple as just playing a game together! Online games like Jackbox are popular options for remote teams to play a game together, all while staying at home. This is a great way for everyone on the team to interact with each other and take part in something that isn’t directly work related.

Physical distancing has definitely posed a challenge for teams looking to stay connected and be closer to each other. However, with so many options for entertainment you’ll be able to find something your team enjoys that motivates them, boosts morale, and provides a fun escape from remote working.

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