Motivating Teams When Home is Your Headquarters


Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit globally, working from home has become front and center for many businesses and entrepreneurs. Along with this new reality, keeping teams on the same page in a virtual workspace has become a real challenge for many managers, team leaders, and workers in general. Trying to navigate through these murky waters requires a straightforward guide along with the proper tools to be effective.


Communication is key to getting things done. Of course, technology platforms such as GoToMeeting, Skype, and Zoom can aid in the flexibility of employers and employees because they do not need to be in the same place in order to communicate. This virtual arrangement also helps with productivity, since meetings and watercooler talks are not consuming a lot of work time. However, it should be noted that watercooler conversations had once been one of the best social opportunities while at work, and nothing virtual can never take the place of real-world connections.

Solution: Set aside company time for entertainment-infused virtual meetups. Try booking an artist or a band to play live music virtually while your teams sip and listen. Another option is to host a virtual sip and paint and ship the supplies to your team. Or, if shipping is too much of a hassle or expense, allow your team to purchase their supplies at a maximum amount and submit receipts for reimbursement.

Create a Production Plan with Required Breaks

Some employers might marvel at the idea of employees grinding out work non-stop, working 9am to 10pm on what is supposed to be an 8-hour workday, sequestering themselves in the isolation of their remote office while they ignore personal needs for regular restroom breaks, exercise, fresh air, rest and time with family. Some employers may reward these employees for “going the extra mile”. That’s okay, right? …Wrong.

Solution: With your teams are working remotely, it is more critical now than ever before to human in human resources, and some of the ways you can show your teams that they are more than a number is to build in time that you “require” them to take scheduled breaks, encourage them to take time out for self-care activities and motivate them to participate in virtual social activities. When you replace terms like “working through lunch” with “brain breaks” and “pulling all-nighters” with “rest and re-charge”, your teams will see that you care about their health and well-being, and they will be more motivated to return the favor.


Whether your teams are working in an office space or working remotely, offering your employees the opportunity to balance life and work by encouraging them to take time social and mental rest is an invaluable benefit. And, no matter the size of your HR department, always remember that the H stands for human.

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